Welfare of soul is achieved by spiritual practice

To fulfill the welfare of our soul, we have to fulfill our family responsibilities as well as fulfill the two great duties of spiritual practice and public service. There are many functions of public service, all are important, but there is a public service program of cultural revival, whose greatness is more than all other programs. The industry should be developed for poverty and unemployment, need to spread nutritional food and exercise to prevent unhealthiness and debilitation. The government is starting many useful works through the five-year plans. Many institutions, political parties, in their way, are trying to increase the public’s amenities.

All these works are commendable. With good spirit, good intelligence, and good process, every task started is perfect. The best work in these best works is on which the basis and future of mankind depend. If the nation is dropped from spirit then it will not be possible to be happy even when it is through physical, economic, intellectual, political, vision. Human beings with poor feelings, fallen ideologies lose self-practice, self-respect, and enlightenment, as a result of which their worldly progressivity is destroyed like drops of water on a hot pan. And in their part, only anger remains.

Therefore, there is a systematic revival of all kinds of advancement and the mental state of the best masses in the public service. Due to this, we were great in the past and on this basis we will be able to achieve our lost glory in the future. It would be appropriate for us to edit the role of this program.

A practical plan for cultural revival has been presented in the unbroken spark of the last month. The 20-point program has been elaborated. To implement them, we have to prove the usefulness of our culture in front of the common people because this is the age of wisdom. No one is proved useful based on logic, evidence, examples, science, etc. Till then only ancient not be prepared to accept it based on. If a person is influenced by a deep homeland about a fact, then he may be ready to execute it.

Only after creating a kind of environment, many people get affected and get excited to walk in that direction. The power of the subtle is more from the gross. First of all, things are in the form of thought and then comes in the form of action. Work is the result of thought. First, something comes into the thought role and then it turns into action after getting an opportunity. The process of cultural revival will first be transmitted in the intellectual area of ​​the masses, then it will be possible to transform its functioning.



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