Unsatisfied habit makes people selfish

We do not care that men should not punish their evil deeds. We are worried that in the life of marriage, when the feeling of very sweet relationship, reverence, intimacy, tolerance, service is destroyed by craving, then that dissatisfaction will befall the child. Such children are filled with a variety of mental defects based on subtle psychic and spiritual rules. When the new generations fall in this way, there will be a variety of immorality and a flood of evils. Unsatisfied husband and wife cannot be expected to produce cultured children by chance.

The adulteress and the adulteress never get the good fortune of becoming the parents of virtuous offspring After removing the Aryan culture from the couple’s life, the material culture, after revealing the youth of beauty, will also have to abandon the hope of producing male gems in their homes. That was possible only when, despite many worldly errors, considering marriage as spiritual unity, husband and wife considered it their duty to live happily even after sacrificing a heavy self to each other.

Along with this, bravado, fashion debauchery, arrogance, disorder anarchy, immorality, rudeness, arrogance, socialism, violation of dignity, gratitude, arbitrariness, ungodly food, atheism, ridicule of religious duties, disobedience of gurus, disinterest in gospel etc. As opportunities arise. People spend so much money in intoxication, drinking tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol, cannabis, cannabis, etc., that there is no expenditure on education in this country.

Things of fashion are bought as much as it does not cost even in milk ghee. Chilly spices, meat fish, egg liquor, etc are being polluted by blood and the brain becomes angry. Being alienated from the atmosphere of religiosity and theism, things like otherworldly, charitable, self-welfare, attainment of God seem fictitious. Some people call religion a ‘opium pill’ and in any way consider taking your intended intentions as wisdom.

Many things like this can be discussed in detail in these short lines. If you go a few steps wrong from the turn of the crossroads, then if you start walking on the road going west than the road going east, the desired place goes out in no time. Similarly, by adopting the culture it is as simple as making life great. On the contrary, adopting non-Aryan culture makes it difficult. People become sinful rather than becoming virtuous. With increasing evil, every person finds himself surrounded by discomfort, anxiety and disorder. If a small disease continues, it becomes incurable after some time. In the same way, to increase the speed of the passage and the feet, it may prove to be very fierce because of its speed.

There are many public and non-governmental efforts and organizational efforts for nation building but they not be successful till the people implementing those schemes are honest. If the man is dishonest then he can leave such a hole in his useful work for his selfishness, so that he not fail. It is seen that where the bribe, engineer, overhead, contractor are found, there are such houses which are collapsed in the moon day.

Thus, despite the huge amount of money being used in the country, it proves to be futile. The thing that is most needed for the revival of the nation is the honesty of individuals. On adopting a culture, our attitude is of honesty, adopting the other is dishonest, one leads us to progress, the other leads to honesty, one results in the consummation of another. Of these two, we can adopt whomever we want. If we want to escape from the Holocaust, then we will have to work very hard to revive our ancient ideologies, ideals and ideals with full power.


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