The extreme sacrifice nature of sages

The Brahmin lives a life of extreme penance and sacrifice. Its bright ideal keeps such a pattern in which the other characters imitate it and spend more spontaneous life. He puts all his time in the collection of knowledge and distributes that knowledge to the public without any cost. In this way, every man gets his benefits spontaneously despite not doing great labor of research. Through the research, disclosure, use, preaching, etc. of many disciplines embodied in the Vedas, this class engages in doing heavy service to the public.

The terror of thieves, robbers, robbers, murderers, dishonest, goons, adulterers, unjust elements, often everyone cannot separate and defend themselves. Therefore, this collectively increases its power and uses it only for the prevention of evil and the protection of justice. In this way, the people get rid of the terror of wickedness, and get fearlessly engaged in their works. These cast keep their lives in the palm for the benefit of the society all the time, and like the Brahmin, they are renounced with generous, generous and merciless feelings. As the Brahmin ignores ignorance, cast earns his life for the sake of destabilization.

In the same way, the community overcome the many shortages of society and engage in gathering the goods for their needs. Through agriculture, cow protection, commerce, people try to make food, milk, ghee, clothes, medicines, metals etc. available to the people. The program is organized to keep pure, good, useful items at reasonable prices. In this manner even if some money is collected, donate it with a free hand for the needs of the society and do not allow ourselves to be any less renounced than the Brahmin cast.

Thus, those who engage in the three main causes of suffering in the world to remove ignorance, infirmity and lack – by ignoring personal pleasures – are considered as cast. The country in which such people are full is undoubtedly a class of gods. It was also banned on them to impose their physical mental powers only in the service of society. Today this base is crumbling. People, forgetting their duties, have started accepting caste from birth only and in vain become inferior to each other.

If a religion like ancient times is established by correcting these distortions, then surely everyone can taste a happy situation. If people keep their business with the ancestral tradition, then by getting very smartness and success in it, they can benefit the nation with their excellence and expertise. Changing the profession on every generation becomes the cause of a social disorder.

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