Purpose of worship is advancement of soul

In ancient times, scholars gathered and decided according to circumstances of that time, what kind of religious programs are needed these days. purpose of religion means advancement and social order of soul. As circumstances change from time to time, many new distortions and problems arise. To solve them, mystics themselves tend to program of that kind and lead public on same path. Today that type of system is disappearing.

According to circumstances of ancient times programs were kept in front of public, but now they have become meaningless due to absence of such environment and new programs have become necessary due to new problems arising. But wise is no longer able to show path of people of religious sentiments, keeping in mind country, time, character time, circumstance and need. Today, proverb of becoming a liar’s mystic is being fulfilled.

Today there seems to be a need for heavy manipulation in many rituals, legislation etc. so that age of religion can be matched with religion. Culture is not inanimate which always remains immovable. She keeps manipulating motions of dynamic, flowing, peace conscious elements. There is a need to work a lot in this direction for astrological microscopic mystics who adapt to today’s times. intellectual differences that are found in many religious books, cause envy in public.

People consider him as an opponent of one another, but virtually complement each other. one who has missed other one has fulfilled it. Today there is a need to integrate and coordinate this philosophical diversity so that even ordinary people can easily understand background of Indian religion.

Many sects have a wide variety of beliefs. Many Gods and Goddesses have different types of forms, clothes, vehicles etc. In all this, sages have hidden most valuable knowledge science with ornamental form. People today consider them as hypocrites, but reality is not like this. This country has been a land of poets, people of imagination. By making puzzles in form of a figurative look, characteristic of people here is characteristic.

He has given mystical metaphysics to same ornamental form as it is presented to children while solving puzzles. If people who know and tell their secrets are born today, then people can stop ridiculing them and become knowledgeable of a very deep mystery. If this science is to be discovered, then this country can prove to be world’s premier in this direction too.

India has been full knowledge of many mystical disciplines like planetary, medicine, mantra, life, biology etc. and many scientists like Naga, etc., by overcoming innumerable powers of nature, such benefits It has never been possible for scientists searching by machines. If we try, then we can find out immense wealth stored by ancestors and can move even further in scientific field.

laws of worship and rituals were enacted by associating these mystical studies with small and small daily life. From them, miraculous accomplishments did not have right to get temporary benefits that make life peaceable, but today people are forgetting all these things and leaving it. As a result, they have to be deprived of a very heavy divine benefit.

By understanding microbiology and mystery of Indian, cultural traditions, if we start living in same manner, then surely understand that our personal life can become free from all complications and become full of happiness. sages created them with subtle vision and foresight arising from thousands of millions of years of penance. All things that were as important for ancient times are as great today as ever. difference is only to understand and explain.


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