Festivals are collective ritual of society

Fasting festivals are a kind of collective ritual of society. Just as a person’s sixteen rites are performed from time to time and a personal good impression is imprinted on him, in the same way, to cleanse the distortions that persist on the minds of the mass society and to cleanse and establish new rites. Festivals are celebrated. To organize festivals can prove very important. Today these festivals are limited to eating only sweets and celebrating festivals, but if they are celebrated anciently, then undoubtedly society can be revived.

The wisdom of the miracle of human electric power is hidden in the purity of food and drink. It is agreed by the science that the attitude, qualities and nature of a person who cooks or serves food has an effect on the substance and they influence the rites on whoever eats it. Therefore it is advisable to get the necessary information in connection with the person who gives food, the builder, the person, and accept the appropriate persons for this work.

Stimulant and predominate substances like meat, alcohol, eggs, fish, chilies, spices make the body devilish, so they are considered as unseen. Taking full care of food’s purity, it is believed that religion is the reason that by this our juices are formed of blood, mind, intellect and ethics. This is not the question of food science of communalism. There is a need to improve the rigging that is being done today in this regard.

Our dress, dress is suitable to the climate and modesty of this country. Light, loose, low, plain, white clothes are suitable for India, such as the hot region and good nature. A rite is associated with thousands of years of expressions with every dress. Whoever wears the dress, anonymously adopts the culture hidden with that dress. The wearer of the dhoti tunic will always have a sense of Indian, but the person wearing the English dress will involuntarily adopt English beliefs and ideologies.

The dress of European cold countries may be appropriate to the climate there and the functioning of those people, but if Indians consider themselves inferior and Europeans to wear their costumes, then their neglect and contempt will increase towards their minds. Forgetting ethnic pride is in some way accepting cultural subjugation. It also results in the intellectual field in the same way as political slavery in the economic field.

Boys and girls are attracted to European clothing today. Consequently, their ethics are also becoming the same. To preserve the greatness hidden in Indian, it is necessary to protect language, dress, and sentiment, without which we will gradually become devoid of all our characteristics and traditions.


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