Education are essential priority of human life

Religion, education, justice, civilization, science art etc. birthplace of essential trends of human life is this land of India. The first emergence of knowledge science is from here. It is only India that generates and spreads light of knowledge science for entire planet. civilization and civilization that made animal human beings emerged here. It is not for any country, caste, religion, community, class or society, but whole world. Indian civilization-humanity, all human beings have a very life-style full of discrimination and foresight. On adopting it, man becomes the supporter of happiness, prosperity, success and virtue by avoiding the many kinds of inconveniences, deformities, and evils. The philosopher sages created many kinds of ideals, rules, restrictions, customs, ethics ideas from this point of view. There is no room even for superstition or foolish tradition in them. All this cultural structure has been built keeping in mind the welfare of mankind. Every brick of it is full of science, philosophy and foresight.

Ideal theories and beliefs that are in Indian culture are going to lead man’s goals, aims and functioning towards deity. After taking them, the man gets up high and does not fall. Many social programs, legislation and practices of ethics have been developed to encourage all-round prosperity, from all around. Their purpose is to move based on physics and psychology to qualities, deeds, nature, thoughts and behavior of man towards God. Effective ways of high ideals and lifestyles, combination of these two leads man to greatness. name of this experiment is Indian culture.

When people of Indian culture understood importance, believed in it, and brought it into practice and considered it their pride, then great men were born in this country from house to house. There was no lack of material prosperity and social peace. Male gems molded in structure of this culture used to generate light in whole world with their light and due to that attraction, people of world considered them ruler and God of Earth. This country was considered superior to heaven. history of past is announcing this fact from free gorge.

In every family affected by influence of Indian culture, there was residency of heavenly peace and goodwill. To see an example of how the relation between father and son was to be done, Ram, who was going to exile for 14 years by the order of the insured, took Sham Kumar, who had made a pilgrimage to the blind parents, on the shoulder, The character of the departing should be read.


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