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Lack of understanding of weak mind person

A person with a natural or weak mind since birth is weak, some people can correct some conversations, but cannot read, write, remember, cannot calculate. Some rise above this stage, they do not have power of perception, they cannot increase knowledge, they cannot earn meaning, they cannot become successful citizens. These different types of mental deficiencies occur due to a lack of proper maturation of different types of action centers of brain.

other lunatics are those whose mind was right at first, but by their thoughts, or opposing strokes of experience, mental attenuation and curvature are obtained respectively. way a person goes to ‘Dote’, same state comes from a mental decline in some youths. Some scholars in this category start exhibiting this madness in their youth. Distortion of thoughts, feelings and experiences and rebellion of latent desires leads to internal conflict. It has many categories – excitement, despair, another psyche, zero psyches. These are all different stages of madness. patients themselves, in resisting sensations of lust, disorganize mind on their own, considering logic, policy, prudence.

In a way, struggle of madness lust should be called. body is a body of lust. Many types of lusts are immediately aroused upon receiving timely characters and resources and want to run away. intense stimulation of lust changes system of mind and in steady-state, thoughts are different now and mind is inclined towards its lust instead of being judged and judged. In a steady-state, mind’s thoughts were fair, but when there is a movement of lust, there is a bias towards lust in thoughts. Even while considering or working on other subjects, human spirit comes and focuses on it. He thinks this is fine. Partiality is also a part of lust. There is no thought in mind against lust.

Many deceptions take place in cover of lust. In psychological language, to cover oneself with lust is to deceive oneself. This deception happens in two ways – through perception and logic. No matter how much a man argues on his own, he remains in cover of lust. In fact, because of excitement of lust, not allowing it to appear under guise of arguments and principles, and due to mutual conflict in its lust and ideal character, mind is disorganized and its madness manifests itself with its strange symptoms.

Different types of madness are a kind of charge. mind wanders from its healthy steady-state and becomes unstable and comes in charge. Apathy or obscurity is also ‘charges’ of insanity. Crazy people wave in their favorable charge. His mind becomes hysterical due to sensation of lust or influence or trauma of an emotion or experience and he behaves in a waking state while dreaming.


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Unsatisfied habit makes people selfish

We do not care that men should not punish their evil deeds. We are worried that in the life of marriage, when the feeling of very sweet relationship, reverence, intimacy, tolerance, service is destroyed by craving, then that dissatisfaction will befall the child. Such children are filled with a variety of mental defects based on subtle psychic and spiritual rules. When the new generations fall in this way, there will be a variety of immorality and a flood of evils. Unsatisfied husband and wife cannot be expected to produce cultured children by chance.

The adulteress and the adulteress never get the good fortune of becoming the parents of virtuous offspring After removing the Aryan culture from the couple’s life, the material culture, after revealing the youth of beauty, will also have to abandon the hope of producing male gems in their homes. That was possible only when, despite many worldly errors, considering marriage as spiritual unity, husband and wife considered it their duty to live happily even after sacrificing a heavy self to each other.

Along with this, bravado, fashion debauchery, arrogance, disorder anarchy, immorality, rudeness, arrogance, socialism, violation of dignity, gratitude, arbitrariness, ungodly food, atheism, ridicule of religious duties, disobedience of gurus, disinterest in gospel etc. As opportunities arise. People spend so much money in intoxication, drinking tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol, cannabis, cannabis, etc., that there is no expenditure on education in this country.

Things of fashion are bought as much as it does not cost even in milk ghee. Chilly spices, meat fish, egg liquor, etc are being polluted by blood and the brain becomes angry. Being alienated from the atmosphere of religiosity and theism, things like otherworldly, charitable, self-welfare, attainment of God seem fictitious. Some people call religion a ‘opium pill’ and in any way consider taking your intended intentions as wisdom.

Many things like this can be discussed in detail in these short lines. If you go a few steps wrong from the turn of the crossroads, then if you start walking on the road going west than the road going east, the desired place goes out in no time. Similarly, by adopting the culture it is as simple as making life great. On the contrary, adopting non-Aryan culture makes it difficult. People become sinful rather than becoming virtuous. With increasing evil, every person finds himself surrounded by discomfort, anxiety and disorder. If a small disease continues, it becomes incurable after some time. In the same way, to increase the speed of the passage and the feet, it may prove to be very fierce because of its speed.

There are many public and non-governmental efforts and organizational efforts for nation building but they not be successful till the people implementing those schemes are honest. If the man is dishonest then he can leave such a hole in his useful work for his selfishness, so that he not fail. It is seen that where the bribe, engineer, overhead, contractor are found, there are such houses which are collapsed in the moon day.

Thus, despite the huge amount of money being used in the country, it proves to be futile. The thing that is most needed for the revival of the nation is the honesty of individuals. On adopting a culture, our attitude is of honesty, adopting the other is dishonest, one leads us to progress, the other leads to honesty, one results in the consummation of another. Of these two, we can adopt whomever we want. If we want to escape from the Holocaust, then we will have to work very hard to revive our ancient ideologies, ideals and ideals with full power.


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Purpose of worship is advancement of soul

In ancient times, scholars gathered and decided according to circumstances of that time, what kind of religious programs are needed these days. purpose of religion means advancement and social order of soul. As circumstances change from time to time, many new distortions and problems arise. To solve them, mystics themselves tend to program of that kind and lead public on same path. Today that type of system is disappearing.

According to circumstances of ancient times programs were kept in front of public, but now they have become meaningless due to absence of such environment and new programs have become necessary due to new problems arising. But wise is no longer able to show path of people of religious sentiments, keeping in mind country, time, character time, circumstance and need. Today, proverb of becoming a liar’s mystic is being fulfilled.

Today there seems to be a need for heavy manipulation in many rituals, legislation etc. so that age of religion can be matched with religion. Culture is not inanimate which always remains immovable. She keeps manipulating motions of dynamic, flowing, peace conscious elements. There is a need to work a lot in this direction for astrological microscopic mystics who adapt to today’s times. intellectual differences that are found in many religious books, cause envy in public.

People consider him as an opponent of one another, but virtually complement each other. one who has missed other one has fulfilled it. Today there is a need to integrate and coordinate this philosophical diversity so that even ordinary people can easily understand background of Indian religion.

Many sects have a wide variety of beliefs. Many Gods and Goddesses have different types of forms, clothes, vehicles etc. In all this, sages have hidden most valuable knowledge science with ornamental form. People today consider them as hypocrites, but reality is not like this. This country has been a land of poets, people of imagination. By making puzzles in form of a figurative look, characteristic of people here is characteristic.

He has given mystical metaphysics to same ornamental form as it is presented to children while solving puzzles. If people who know and tell their secrets are born today, then people can stop ridiculing them and become knowledgeable of a very deep mystery. If this science is to be discovered, then this country can prove to be world’s premier in this direction too.

India has been full knowledge of many mystical disciplines like planetary, medicine, mantra, life, biology etc. and many scientists like Naga, etc., by overcoming innumerable powers of nature, such benefits It has never been possible for scientists searching by machines. If we try, then we can find out immense wealth stored by ancestors and can move even further in scientific field.

laws of worship and rituals were enacted by associating these mystical studies with small and small daily life. From them, miraculous accomplishments did not have right to get temporary benefits that make life peaceable, but today people are forgetting all these things and leaving it. As a result, they have to be deprived of a very heavy divine benefit.

By understanding microbiology and mystery of Indian, cultural traditions, if we start living in same manner, then surely understand that our personal life can become free from all complications and become full of happiness. sages created them with subtle vision and foresight arising from thousands of millions of years of penance. All things that were as important for ancient times are as great today as ever. difference is only to understand and explain.


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Festivals are collective ritual of society

Fasting festivals are a kind of collective ritual of society. Just as a person’s sixteen rites are performed from time to time and a personal good impression is imprinted on him, in the same way, to cleanse the distortions that persist on the minds of the mass society and to cleanse and establish new rites. Festivals are celebrated. To organize festivals can prove very important. Today these festivals are limited to eating only sweets and celebrating festivals, but if they are celebrated anciently, then undoubtedly society can be revived.

The wisdom of the miracle of human electric power is hidden in the purity of food and drink. It is agreed by the science that the attitude, qualities and nature of a person who cooks or serves food has an effect on the substance and they influence the rites on whoever eats it. Therefore it is advisable to get the necessary information in connection with the person who gives food, the builder, the person, and accept the appropriate persons for this work.

Stimulant and predominate substances like meat, alcohol, eggs, fish, chilies, spices make the body devilish, so they are considered as unseen. Taking full care of food’s purity, it is believed that religion is the reason that by this our juices are formed of blood, mind, intellect and ethics. This is not the question of food science of communalism. There is a need to improve the rigging that is being done today in this regard.

Our dress, dress is suitable to the climate and modesty of this country. Light, loose, low, plain, white clothes are suitable for India, such as the hot region and good nature. A rite is associated with thousands of years of expressions with every dress. Whoever wears the dress, anonymously adopts the culture hidden with that dress. The wearer of the dhoti tunic will always have a sense of Indian, but the person wearing the English dress will involuntarily adopt English beliefs and ideologies.

The dress of European cold countries may be appropriate to the climate there and the functioning of those people, but if Indians consider themselves inferior and Europeans to wear their costumes, then their neglect and contempt will increase towards their minds. Forgetting ethnic pride is in some way accepting cultural subjugation. It also results in the intellectual field in the same way as political slavery in the economic field.

Boys and girls are attracted to European clothing today. Consequently, their ethics are also becoming the same. To preserve the greatness hidden in Indian, it is necessary to protect language, dress, and sentiment, without which we will gradually become devoid of all our characteristics and traditions.


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The extreme sacrifice nature of sages

The Brahmin lives a life of extreme penance and sacrifice. Its bright ideal keeps such a pattern in which the other characters imitate it and spend more spontaneous life. He puts all his time in the collection of knowledge and distributes that knowledge to the public without any cost. In this way, every man gets his benefits spontaneously despite not doing great labor of research. Through the research, disclosure, use, preaching, etc. of many disciplines embodied in the Vedas, this class engages in doing heavy service to the public.

The terror of thieves, robbers, robbers, murderers, dishonest, goons, adulterers, unjust elements, often everyone cannot separate and defend themselves. Therefore, this collectively increases its power and uses it only for the prevention of evil and the protection of justice. In this way, the people get rid of the terror of wickedness, and get fearlessly engaged in their works. These cast keep their lives in the palm for the benefit of the society all the time, and like the Brahmin, they are renounced with generous, generous and merciless feelings. As the Brahmin ignores ignorance, cast earns his life for the sake of destabilization.

In the same way, the community overcome the many shortages of society and engage in gathering the goods for their needs. Through agriculture, cow protection, commerce, people try to make food, milk, ghee, clothes, medicines, metals etc. available to the people. The program is organized to keep pure, good, useful items at reasonable prices. In this manner even if some money is collected, donate it with a free hand for the needs of the society and do not allow ourselves to be any less renounced than the Brahmin cast.

Thus, those who engage in the three main causes of suffering in the world to remove ignorance, infirmity and lack – by ignoring personal pleasures – are considered as cast. The country in which such people are full is undoubtedly a class of gods. It was also banned on them to impose their physical mental powers only in the service of society. Today this base is crumbling. People, forgetting their duties, have started accepting caste from birth only and in vain become inferior to each other.

If a religion like ancient times is established by correcting these distortions, then surely everyone can taste a happy situation. If people keep their business with the ancestral tradition, then by getting very smartness and success in it, they can benefit the nation with their excellence and expertise. Changing the profession on every generation becomes the cause of a social disorder.

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Welfare of soul is achieved by spiritual practice

To fulfill the welfare of our soul, we have to fulfill our family responsibilities as well as fulfill the two great duties of spiritual practice and public service. There are many functions of public service, all are important, but there is a public service program of cultural revival, whose greatness is more than all other programs. The industry should be developed for poverty and unemployment, need to spread nutritional food and exercise to prevent unhealthiness and debilitation. The government is starting many useful works through the five-year plans. Many institutions, political parties, in their way, are trying to increase the public’s amenities.

All these works are commendable. With good spirit, good intelligence, and good process, every task started is perfect. The best work in these best works is on which the basis and future of mankind depend. If the nation is dropped from spirit then it will not be possible to be happy even when it is through physical, economic, intellectual, political, vision. Human beings with poor feelings, fallen ideologies lose self-practice, self-respect, and enlightenment, as a result of which their worldly progressivity is destroyed like drops of water on a hot pan. And in their part, only anger remains.

Therefore, there is a systematic revival of all kinds of advancement and the mental state of the best masses in the public service. Due to this, we were great in the past and on this basis we will be able to achieve our lost glory in the future. It would be appropriate for us to edit the role of this program.

A practical plan for cultural revival has been presented in the unbroken spark of the last month. The 20-point program has been elaborated. To implement them, we have to prove the usefulness of our culture in front of the common people because this is the age of wisdom. No one is proved useful based on logic, evidence, examples, science, etc. Till then only ancient not be prepared to accept it based on. If a person is influenced by a deep homeland about a fact, then he may be ready to execute it.

Only after creating a kind of environment, many people get affected and get excited to walk in that direction. The power of the subtle is more from the gross. First of all, things are in the form of thought and then comes in the form of action. Work is the result of thought. First, something comes into the thought role and then it turns into action after getting an opportunity. The process of cultural revival will first be transmitted in the intellectual area of ​​the masses, then it will be possible to transform its functioning.



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