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In every culture an ideal is hidden

In every culture, there is an ideal hidden and ethics that lead towards that ideal are associated with it. This is what makes culture together. In Indian culture, life of couple is not based on sensuality and beauty, but there is a spiritual union of two souls in which men and women are so unique and meet each other that they do not even imagine leaving one another in this life Wish to meet again in history of virtue of Indian people is shining in golden letters.

Father remains a devotee till his life, so it does not matter, victims have been eager to keep him satisfied with Flame. Examples of what one brother should do for another brother, such as here, is ultimate benevolent ideal of what is duty towards creatures and animals elsewhere, in our culture. result of this is that this country has been performing moral path of whole world since time immemorial.

soul of Indian culture is full of principles of renunciation, tenacity, restraint, service, gratitude, generosity. Inspired by same principles, self-styled sages came into being, saints and saints continued to present their examples, living in gentleman’s home-house who gave life to society and religious duties. Rama won gold Lanka but did not even bring an iron nail to house from there. From such bright characters, Indian history has got a panoramic view.

reason is that everybody used to go in way of systematic rituals, rituals, rituals, etc. to fill Aryan principles in practical life, resulting in formation of persons as such. He would have been a great man. This is specialty of Indian culture.

Western customs, such as accumulation, ownership, ash, etc., due to their reluctance to live on pleasures of worldly pleasures, their rituals are same, and that is how human beings are molded in that structure. Our rulers do not get tired of calling themselves Gandhi’s followers, but environment in which their brains are made does not change even when it is wrapped in a rag. question of national language is import of quick food from cow dung, foreign liquor, cigarettes and many luxuries, high salaries of ministries, pillows on small things, lunatics law making goons intrepid, corruption in governance, etc. Many things today Some do not agree with Indian perspectives and traditions, even though they are fine according to English language.


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Education are essential priority of human life

Religion, education, justice, civilization, science art etc. birthplace of essential trends of human life is this land of India. The first emergence of knowledge science is from here. It is only India that generates and spreads light of knowledge science for entire planet. civilization and civilization that made animal human beings emerged here. It is not for any country, caste, religion, community, class or society, but whole world. Indian civilization-humanity, all human beings have a very life-style full of discrimination and foresight. On adopting it, man becomes the supporter of happiness, prosperity, success and virtue by avoiding the many kinds of inconveniences, deformities, and evils. The philosopher sages created many kinds of ideals, rules, restrictions, customs, ethics ideas from this point of view. There is no room even for superstition or foolish tradition in them. All this cultural structure has been built keeping in mind the welfare of mankind. Every brick of it is full of science, philosophy and foresight.

Ideal theories and beliefs that are in Indian culture are going to lead man’s goals, aims and functioning towards deity. After taking them, the man gets up high and does not fall. Many social programs, legislation and practices of ethics have been developed to encourage all-round prosperity, from all around. Their purpose is to move based on physics and psychology to qualities, deeds, nature, thoughts and behavior of man towards God. Effective ways of high ideals and lifestyles, combination of these two leads man to greatness. name of this experiment is Indian culture.

When people of Indian culture understood importance, believed in it, and brought it into practice and considered it their pride, then great men were born in this country from house to house. There was no lack of material prosperity and social peace. Male gems molded in structure of this culture used to generate light in whole world with their light and due to that attraction, people of world considered them ruler and God of Earth. This country was considered superior to heaven. history of past is announcing this fact from free gorge.

In every family affected by influence of Indian culture, there was residency of heavenly peace and goodwill. To see an example of how the relation between father and son was to be done, Ram, who was going to exile for 14 years by the order of the insured, took Sham Kumar, who had made a pilgrimage to the blind parents, on the shoulder, The character of the departing should be read.


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Lack of manners make people unethical

Every person will think of himself as insecure, there will be no object named love and generosity, the weak will be the tragedy of the strong and the strong will shiver with the desire of the stronger than them, the powerless people will die of hunger, get sick using debauchery, home. The atmosphere of house discord will emerge, one class will fight with the other class, a society and a country will be cold or fiercely with different from its own, National culture will come to disintegrate, only abject chaos will hand. The poor and rich will be destroyed under the craving for money.

The joy which was supposed to be found in the life of man, which would have received the divine perceptions, he would be deprived of it. This first stage of physical culture will not allow people to grow and do good things. The person, without these trends, should be considered as an animal without a horny tail, for charity, renunciation, generosity, spiritual practice, meditation, health, spiritual life etc. With such animals, the material culture will fill the entire earth.

The second step of material culture is the unholy sense of sexuality. Men and women are looking at women and women with a view of unclean lust and are creating an unnecessary, undesirable, stimulating environment for them. In cinemas, such images are shown in which the activities, gestures, and gestures of maiden women are shown, whose public performance is largely unethical. Seeing them produces sensational stimulation in the mind of the audience.

In the rooms, in homes, in shops, where the fluttering images of maiden women are found, the flood of pornography is coming. Crappy coconut, chemistry, novels, in the shops are filled with grass like lumps. When a man looks at a young woman, it is full of lust. Women have also been away from ancient traditions and flowing in the same flow. They come out of the house with gaudy outfits, provocative decorations and unfulfilled ways that unintentionally others feel suspicious on their modesty. There are bad deformities in married life.

Men and women are becoming bunnies and butterflies without being satisfied in their respective fields. The limits of celibacy are being broken. People have started to consider moderation unnecessary. Mothers, daughters and sisters are falling short of day and day and the malnourishment of males is rising towards un-immoral attraction towards women. Accordingly, adultery is becoming dominant.


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Purpose of worship is advancement of soul

In ancient times, scholars gathered and decided according to circumstances of that time, what kind of religious programs are needed these days. purpose of religion means advancement and social order of soul. As circumstances change from time to time, many new distortions and problems arise. To solve them, mystics themselves tend to program of that kind and lead public on same path. Today that type of system is disappearing.

According to circumstances of ancient times programs were kept in front of public, but now they have become meaningless due to absence of such environment and new programs have become necessary due to new problems arising. But wise is no longer able to show path of people of religious sentiments, keeping in mind country, time, character time, circumstance and need. Today, proverb of becoming a liar’s mystic is being fulfilled.

Today there seems to be a need for heavy manipulation in many rituals, legislation etc. so that age of religion can be matched with religion. Culture is not inanimate which always remains immovable. She keeps manipulating motions of dynamic, flowing, peace conscious elements. There is a need to work a lot in this direction for astrological microscopic mystics who adapt to today’s times. intellectual differences that are found in many religious books, cause envy in public.

People consider him as an opponent of one another, but virtually complement each other. one who has missed other one has fulfilled it. Today there is a need to integrate and coordinate this philosophical diversity so that even ordinary people can easily understand background of Indian religion.

Many sects have a wide variety of beliefs. Many Gods and Goddesses have different types of forms, clothes, vehicles etc. In all this, sages have hidden most valuable knowledge science with ornamental form. People today consider them as hypocrites, but reality is not like this. This country has been a land of poets, people of imagination. By making puzzles in form of a figurative look, characteristic of people here is characteristic.

He has given mystical metaphysics to same ornamental form as it is presented to children while solving puzzles. If people who know and tell their secrets are born today, then people can stop ridiculing them and become knowledgeable of a very deep mystery. If this science is to be discovered, then this country can prove to be world’s premier in this direction too.

India has been full knowledge of many mystical disciplines like planetary, medicine, mantra, life, biology etc. and many scientists like Naga, etc., by overcoming innumerable powers of nature, such benefits It has never been possible for scientists searching by machines. If we try, then we can find out immense wealth stored by ancestors and can move even further in scientific field.

laws of worship and rituals were enacted by associating these mystical studies with small and small daily life. From them, miraculous accomplishments did not have right to get temporary benefits that make life peaceable, but today people are forgetting all these things and leaving it. As a result, they have to be deprived of a very heavy divine benefit.

By understanding microbiology and mystery of Indian, cultural traditions, if we start living in same manner, then surely understand that our personal life can become free from all complications and become full of happiness. sages created them with subtle vision and foresight arising from thousands of millions of years of penance. All things that were as important for ancient times are as great today as ever. difference is only to understand and explain.


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The benefit of spiritual discourse in society

In ancient times, there were many more cultural features which today are taking the form of harmful distortions. Recognizing many subtle powers of God, according to science of spiritualism, pulling them with their inner magnet power and holding them inside was called lord education. People used to establish close relationships according to devotional worship laws from many god powers and used to gain extra time and experience. But today that learning has become a mere convention for the livelihood of only a few young priests.

In the pilgrimages, he was found to have elements like Success Pedestal due to great people, sages of ancient times, their works and underground features there. There was benefit of spiritual discourse of many great men. climate was excellent. The residents used to increase the peaceful air circle of that region through sacrifice etc. People used to travel on foot and grow knowledge and health from the country and reach pilgrimage places and enjoy peace there from environment and spiritual discourse. Today, there is no such environment.

There is slander, and robbery, but nothing to despair. Factors are strong people can change their environment and thereby generate the ancient environment again. The 53 beneficent army of pandas, priests, priests, monks, beggars etc. remains a burden for the country and spreads many kinds of misconceptions and evil. Therefore, it is only appropriate to incite maliciousness in public. But in ancient times these people were not like this. He used to work hard for the nation and spent his whole house serving only on bread, benefiting the people with his great knowledge. Now is the time to awaken the same system.

Gourmet, downcast, unqualified people should be removed from this sacred work by social boycott or scepter, and if only true sacrificed, saints, public servants remain in this path, then this sage institution will be concerned with social, political, religious education, health related problems of the nation. Can do very heavy work of solving Cow rearing, cow promotion, cooperation, committees, increase of forestry, literacy promotion etc. are many nation building works which government is not able to do. army of Public servant, saints and priests can easily fulfill them by their influence and example by public. method of saints is not bad.

In ancient times, our ancestors preached about them only to fulfill important purposes of public interest. There are immovable properties of hundred thousand of rupees in the temple deities. For propagation of such property, devotees used to make a boon, many religious schemes were completed with that money, but today it is spent only in royal enjoyment of idols or in fun of monasteries. If this religion and money are to be done only for the spread of religion then a lot of cultural revival can be done.

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The extreme sacrifice nature of sages

The Brahmin lives a life of extreme penance and sacrifice. Its bright ideal keeps such a pattern in which the other characters imitate it and spend more spontaneous life. He puts all his time in the collection of knowledge and distributes that knowledge to the public without any cost. In this way, every man gets his benefits spontaneously despite not doing great labor of research. Through the research, disclosure, use, preaching, etc. of many disciplines embodied in the Vedas, this class engages in doing heavy service to the public.

The terror of thieves, robbers, robbers, murderers, dishonest, goons, adulterers, unjust elements, often everyone cannot separate and defend themselves. Therefore, this collectively increases its power and uses it only for the prevention of evil and the protection of justice. In this way, the people get rid of the terror of wickedness, and get fearlessly engaged in their works. These cast keep their lives in the palm for the benefit of the society all the time, and like the Brahmin, they are renounced with generous, generous and merciless feelings. As the Brahmin ignores ignorance, cast earns his life for the sake of destabilization.

In the same way, the community overcome the many shortages of society and engage in gathering the goods for their needs. Through agriculture, cow protection, commerce, people try to make food, milk, ghee, clothes, medicines, metals etc. available to the people. The program is organized to keep pure, good, useful items at reasonable prices. In this manner even if some money is collected, donate it with a free hand for the needs of the society and do not allow ourselves to be any less renounced than the Brahmin cast.

Thus, those who engage in the three main causes of suffering in the world to remove ignorance, infirmity and lack – by ignoring personal pleasures – are considered as cast. The country in which such people are full is undoubtedly a class of gods. It was also banned on them to impose their physical mental powers only in the service of society. Today this base is crumbling. People, forgetting their duties, have started accepting caste from birth only and in vain become inferior to each other.

If a religion like ancient times is established by correcting these distortions, then surely everyone can taste a happy situation. If people keep their business with the ancestral tradition, then by getting very smartness and success in it, they can benefit the nation with their excellence and expertise. Changing the profession on every generation becomes the cause of a social disorder.

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The god make everything possible

Humans couldn’t make a machine like human body. Such a perfect machine, which God has made in form of a body and has given it to world sanctuary of soul, till today no scientist could make it. There is no hope for future to be created by humans. It is God, who could build such a machine with his own will. Fantastic machines of world do not compare it too.

In India, temperature of blood is considered to be 100 degrees Fahrenheit. temperature of skin keeps decreasing by 18 ° F. On summer days, the temperature rises so much that it becomes difficult to get the bare body in the sun outside. In the same way, some temperature in winter goes below zero. And then even big machines come to a standstill. Their gasoline, diesel also gets accumulated. It is only a human body that tolerates hard heat and cold.

Skin is such a heat regulator, which keeps body cool in heat and body warm in cold. Even scientists could not make such a good heat regulator. If small pitfalls, the bicycle gets pushed so that the rider falls to one side and the bicycle one way!. Many times, motors, airplanes, vehicles crash into an object flying in high ground. And shatter is destroyed, but the skin and the bones of spine are created by God in body in such a manner that it keeps human from splits of injury every time, the spinal cord is covered with bar which every two There is such a fit between bones of spine that no matter how much humans jump, there is no fear of jumping or jumping.

It serves as the best injury reader. Human beings could make only a few things with their understanding, most of them are copying body or developing things learned from them. Man uses so much time or intelligence to make machines, then would a machine like his body be made, then without any knowledge or understanding.


If we consider it a little bit, then it has to be believed that there is a regulatory power in the world which is more visionary and more receptive and more capable than intelligent humans. He can make such instruments, which not be made even for millions of years continuously. The camera has made one better than one. Photographs can also be taken from sunlight to electric light, but such a camera has not yet been made, which can change the lens’ focus.

The lens of good cameras for taking photos is also called a fixed inertial distance, which starts from lens and ends in object where photo is taken. To fit on. Only then can the right photo take. Even in films, the machine has to be fitted first, but in the form of an eye, God has given us such a camera that we can see objects from near and far from far away without having to move our eyes back and forth.


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The brain is the focal point of all life

The brain is the focal point of all life, life and it needs the purest blood. The heart gives him pure blood. The hands work throughout the day to give them warm and fresh blood, which they need least, and the greatness to take their filthy blood of their own to infinity. Only the heart can do penance to purify bad blood and return it to the body. That is why God has given him the ability to work continuously and consume a long age.

The heart beats 72 times per minute. In one year’s child, he beats 120 times. Whenever we see a terrible problem, the heart increases its heart and makes such a system that fear due to the situation arising due to not being explosive.

It is a strange device where thousands of veins carry pure blood to every part of the body. And impure blood carries to the heart. This blood is purified by sending it to the lungs and then divides the body. Four and a half inches long, three and a half inches wide and two and a half inches thick gives fine blood arterial blood to this blood transporter called coronary. Responsibilities of public service who play as faithfully as the heart. They also get similar invisible help.

Discreet conscious beings are different from the plans of the gross world, they should continue to work as a heart so that the social system does not deteriorate. Those who are released in such public service without worrying about themselves, they never lack the power and resources like the heart.

Elevators or elevators have been made such a machine on which sitting in high-rise buildings can be picked up in a moment, and the fatigue of climbing stairs can be avoided. A tale printer machine has been created to send and transmit telegraph messages. It has also become possible to send pictures by wire on machines called Fake. Pictures of the convention in America are printed on the second day in Indian newspapers, it is the result of the grace of this machine.

Similarly, the hundreds of machines and armaments, such as rooms, clock, press, gyroscope, generator, concertina, etc., respond to the wisdom of human beings. The racket named ‘Telstar’ should be called the greatest wonder of the world. This instrument of 170 pounds load and a total of thirty-four-inch diameter binding all the earth in a communication form has 3600 solar cells. With the help of this, we can talk to a person sitting in any corner of the world, as if he is sitting in front of him or beside him. In the making of all these, the unique intellectual capacity of man has appeared in a miracle, we can also be proud of it.


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